В природе спасение Alternative methods of treatment of cancer.
Recipes and histories.
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Алоэ, Горец змеиный, Дурнишник, Картофель (цветы), Копытень, Лопух, Подорожник, Полынь обыкновенная, Чеснок, Чистотел

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Травяные сборы

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Методы лечения рака В.В.Тищенко (болиголов, АСД-2)

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Последователи В.В.Тищенко

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Белозер болотный, Валериана, Дурнишник, Душица, Каштан конский, О лопухе большом.

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Исповедь исцеленного (рак предстательной железы)

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Просим прочесть более внимательно (саркома)

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Г.Гончаренко Дайджест

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Рак головного мозга

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Рак легких

Dear Sirs,
it's a pitty, but I have no opportunity to suggest you this site in English. I don't know English enougth to translate it.
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That such a cancer well know only at whom it was, or relatives of the patient.

The standard treatment it is reduced to a combination of three ways: chemical therapy, radiotherapy and operation. The recovery proceeds long. I know it on myself, I was sick, has transferred three operations and chemical therapy in 1998, but is now alive and practically is healthy and has created this site. (" In spite of on all diligence of the doctors, the patient has remained is alive." M. Zhvanezkiy)

The purpose of creation of this site - to help to recover sick by a cancer. By the recipes, that have helped me and not only me. To recover the grasss have helped. To me have brought the book R.Ahmedov " In plants - curative force " M. "Patriot" 1992. Due to the recipe from this book I have refused radiotherapy (I felt, that I can not transfer it) and was quickly restored after the third operation. Very much I regret, that this book has not got to me in hands, even ambassador the second operation. The grasss are not expensive and are sold freely in drugstore, and aloe, can be grows in your home. Send the recipes, opinions, experience of treatment. Support a site.

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I wish, that the information in this site will be not necessary for you. A.K.


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